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Reines de l'Orient
Rose free hair 60 retexture 
31 Jan, 2012

I was playing around with really old meshes and such, and after looking at this one for a while, I decided I like it as much as puppies and kittens. I find the shape kind of interesting, it animates nicely, it plays nice with hair masks and it has a low polycount: 2884. So here's Rose free hair no. 60 with new and oh-so shiny textures. I doubled the texture size and removed some duplicates and yeah. Mesh is included and here's a swatch:

1 Feb, 2012 (UTC)
LOVE <3333
1 Feb, 2012 (UTC)
It looks gorgeous!!! BTW, I'm glad your playing with around with old meshes. There are a lot of old great meshes with low polys and nice animations (like you have said) that only need to be retextured and recolored. Thanks you!
16 Apr, 2012 (UTC)
lovelove <333

The only problem is, every single time I use this prettiness, I see a Yuxi-sim O_____O
On the other hand...it's not THAT bad, I suppose ;DDD <3
27 Feb, 2015 (UTC) - Download No Longer Works
I love this but the download no longer works could someone reupload this for me so I can have it as well?
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